Helping you say your next YES to Jesus


Everything we do is to help you say your next yes to Jesus

Presence Matters

Everything changes in God's Presence. In His Presence there is fullness, there is healing, there is anything and everything you need.

people Matter

People are God’s highest creation. People are more important than programs or things. Jesus gave His life to save people.
At Christian World Church, we value His Presence in prayer, worship and a life of complete surrender because Presence Matters. In addition, we create an environment where the broken can be healed, lost become found and healthy relationship thrive because People Matter. This is who we are.

We Give Our Best

GOD gave His best and deserves our best. God doesn't expect perfection - your best is enough.  We embrace uncommon generosity in living, loving and giving. With God, our best becomes better.

We fight for peace

We will defend the culture and unity of our church, the vision of our leadership and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  God commands His blessing where He sees unity.  We've got your back.

We Serve All In

All-in commitment from us creates all-out change in us.  Serving others comes from an attitude of what we get to do, not what we have to do.  Jesus was King yet came as the ultimate Servant.  Because Jesus went all-in for us, we go all-in for Him.

We Have Fun

Church should be fun and the highlight of your week.  Jesus is the life of the party and even chose a party as the birthplace of His ministry. God values fun and gave laughter as medicine.  We look for any reason to celebrate God's goodness. We are a party church.

We Say Yes

You are one YES away from a totally different life.  One YES today, can move you past your yesterdays, and change all your tomorrows.  Everyone's YES looks different.  No matter where you are or where you've been your answer is in your next YES. Follow me.